It’s the weekend, so our local Chinese restaurant is packed. I’m not looking at my menu though; I’m people watching. Parents on the table in front letting their own food go cold while they help their children get to grips with chopsticks, teenagers over in the corner clearly on a first date (chances of down-the-top…

Website Refresh:

“A captivating blend that speaks to the well-travelled gent. Port Royale blends exotic ingredients from across the high seas, starting with a deep, woody base of sandalwood and cedarwood, twisted with oriental notes of patchouli and musk. The floral heart of jasmine, orange blossom and violet give way to a zesty finish of mandarin, grapefruit and lime.”

Beauty Editorial: Myth Busting with Nadine Baggott

The Brief:To write a beauty email editorial promoting the Next’s Instagram collaboration with Nadine Baggott. The Audience:Female email subscribers who may not already be aware of the Nadine Baggott takeovers on Next Beauty’s Instagram. Body Copy (Creative to follow): Intro: We’ve teamed up with Beauty Expert Youtuber Nadine Baggott to debunk some of the most…

My Accidental Therapy Dog

This piece was written for the website, as part of their ‘mental awareness’ month. It’s mid-morning on a Saturday and my panic attack is in full swing. It’s bad. The kind of panic attack that hits hard and fast, catching you by surprise and when you’re at your weakest. Still in my pyjamas, I…

Beauty Editorial: The Scent Of Summer

The Brief:To create an email promoting a selection of fragrances from the summer 2019 beauty range. The Audience:Female email subscribers. Body Copy (Creative to follow):Intro: You’ve got the summer wardrobe, now you need a fragrance to match. Celebrate the sunshine with bright floral and citrusy scents, just the thing for weekend adventures and tropical holidays….

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