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The Brief: To help attract new customers and stockists by refreshing the copy used across the Mariner Jack range, including scent profiles, item descriptions, marketing emails and stockist brochures.

The Audience: New customers, lapsed buyers and stockists of men’s grooming products.

You can view the website here.

Copy Sample: Scent Profiles:

Only the best for the man of the woods. Odyssey is a rich, woody fragrance, with the fresh green tones of olibanum and cypress blending effortlessly with the rugged notes of moss, amber and warm leather. Deep within is a decadent heart, with a heady mix of patchouli, tonka and sweet benzoin. 

Admiral’s Blend
The Admiral’s Blend forms a deep base of freshly ground coffee beans, layered with warm notes of crunchy walnuts and finished with a dusting of the finest cocoa. It’s rich, energising and hopelessly captivating. 

Erebus aims for all-out sophistication, with a sensual base of rich wood and amber, flowing into a generous heart of orange blossom and dried fruit notes of sweet davana. Its top notes of lemon, bergamot and black pepper add a fresh, citrusy finish, creating a hypnotic fragrance you’ll never want to put down. 

Port Royale
A captivating blend that speaks to the well-travelled gent. Port Royale blends exotic ingredients from across the high seas, starting with a deep, woody base of sandalwood and cedarwood, twisted with oriental notes of patchouli and musk. The floral heart of jasmine, orange blossom and violet give way to a zesty finish of mandarin, grapefruit and lime. 

Nautilus captures the warm, smoky tones of a crackling log fire, with sweet cedarwood and patchouli flowing into silky musk and smooth vanilla.

Unapologetic, unyielding, unforgettable. Tortuga hides a big hit of rich, spicy bay rum, twisted to perfection with fresh and zesty notes of fresh lime. 

Sweet and smoky with a hint of zing. Cargo’s balsamic wood base is enhanced with a peppery, ginger top note; refreshed with fresh Sicilian bergamot for a citrusy finish.

A warming scent with an aromatic finish. Libertalia blends patchouli and sandalwood to provide nuances of earth and musk, rounded and refined with undertones of soft amber and sensual leather.

Rich, indulgent, and beautifully addictive. Privateer blends the deep, hypnotic notes of vanilla with the smoky undertones of tobacco. It’s lifted with subtle hints of dried fruit and finished with a gentle earthiness. 

Copy Sample: Item Ranges

Beard Oils
Beardcare products have exploded into the retail industry over the last few years and have quickly become a wash bag essential for any man. However, many companies focus on softening and conditioning beard hair, forgetting about the importance of looking after the skin underneath.

Not us. We developed our base beard oil to do just that, leaving out cheap filler ingredients and nasty chemicals so there’s more space for the good stuff: argan, sweet almond and jojoba oils. These three natural powerhouses work together to recondition beard hair to leave it soft and supple, without irritating the face, chin or neck. By hand-crafting the base beard oil ourselves (rather than buying it from a large supplier), we can make sure that we have the highest-quality product before we begin to add our iconic scent layers.   

Beard Balms:
The best of both worlds. Our Mariner Jack beard balms combine the same conditioning properties (and the same hypnotic scents) of our beard oils with organic beeswax for a light hold and lasting shape. It’s just the ticket for men who want a little extra control over their beard.

To make our balms even better, we use organic unrefined shea butter with a heavy dose of vitamins A, E and F to restore damaged hair, leaving it feeling softer and stronger. And for a finishing touch, our formula provides an additional anti-inflammatory effect on the skin underneath – that’s just how nice we are.

Each balm is available in 30 ml or 60 ml individual embossed tin (perfect for fitting in an overnight bag) or in a case of 6 units.  

Beard Waxes
Our beard waxes are tailor-made for men with curly or unruly beards. We’ve changed the proportions of our ingredients; taking out some of the conditioning oils and butters for a firmer hold that’ll keep even the most disobedient hairs at bay.

Working alongside a Mariner Jack beard oil or balm, our waxes create a strong, long-lasting finish. Simply apply, give your beard a quick blast of heat, and then comb through. As the wax cools, the organic beeswax will set, holding the beard in place.

Our waxes come in slimline embossed tins, (perfect for slipping into a back pocket or a small wash bag) and include a handy Mariner Jack branded wax scraper to aid dispensing.

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