E-Learning: PCI Training

This E-learning program was used previously by Next Plc, as part of its Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard training for call-centre employees. These slides are used with permission from the Training Department.

The Brief:
To create a new e-learning course to explain the importance of handling customer card data correctly, in line with rules and regulations set by the PCI DSS. The self-learn module needed to be short and clear, so employees could quickly work through the training course when they had a spare moment during their shifts.

Styling Notes:
I cut down the information I was given into simple fuss-free slides, highlighting key information in bold to draw the eye. Once correct data-handling theory had been explained, I created an interactive version of ‘iGuide’ (Next’s call-handling system) within the module, taking delegates through the step-by-step process of taking a secure card payment from the customer. (*Please note* Due to data protection, I have agreed not to include these slides here, as they show processes and details that are specific to Next.)

At the end of each e-learning module (both self-learn and trainer-led), I built in a short quiz based on a collection of multiple choice, true or false and mix and match questions (where the delegate was required to drag and drop answers onto the correct hotspots). The final score was given to the delegate, and passed back to the LMS for reporting purposes.

Slide examples:

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