E-Learning: FCA and TCF

This E-learning program was used previously by Next Plc, as part of its Financial Conduct Authority training for call-centre employees. These slides are used with permission from the Training Department.

The Brief:
To redesign, rebrand and update Next’s Financial Conduct Authority training, a collection of new and engaging e-learning modules (and supporting documents) for new and existing call-centre employees. The modules needed to have either a self-learn or trainer-led format, depending on how often employees were required to retake them.

Styling Notes:
I decided on a generic template for all the modules, then gave them a separate colour scheme, each with an easily-distinguishable icon that could also be used in training materials and on the LMS.

Instead of a creating a small number of text-heavy slides, I decided to spread the content out into longer modules, presenting key theories and information through graphics, click-to-reveal layers and small games. Overly professional copy was toned down and rewritten in a more chatty, informal style, to make it easy to understand while keeping with strict Compliance requirements.

At the end of each e-learning module (both self-learn and trainer-led), I built in a short quiz based on a collection of multiple choice, true or false and mix and match questions (where the delegate was required to drag and drop answers onto the correct hotspots). The final score was given to the delegate, and passed back to the LMS for reporting purposes.

Slide examples:

Quiz segment at the end of the module:

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